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Welcome to Love Vegetarian Life. This site is about loving life as a vegetarian or vegan, or a GF vegetarian or a GF vegan.

If you’re struggling to think up more easy, delicious recipes or if you’re just looking for some extra inspiration, then this site is for you. And if you’re struggling with health issues and want to change your diet to feel better, then this site can help you too.

My Story

I’ve been a vegetarian for all my life. I remember when I was a child, when some of my friends’ parents would murmur not-quite-under-their-breath how ‘cruel’ it was to deprive a child of meat.

Needless to say I don’t share their opinion! We all give our children what we believe to be the best for them, and in my case I’m so glad that my parents gave me the opportunity to grow up as a vegetarian. I absolutely love eating vegetables, with a passion. And I could always choose to taste what everyone else was eating around me. But I didn’t.

My reasons for staying vegetarian are multiple: while I don’t like the idea of eating flesh, there’s actually more to it than that. I feel that the world has a set of double-sided blinkers. On the one side, we like to be morally justified about things we’re doing and we tend to believe that we’re doing ‘okay’.

But we put on our blinkers and turn a blind eye when it comes to the food industry (in general). Then the whole world abandons all morals. The shameless treatment of animals and the unnecessary suffering that goes on in the name of making a profit is completely unethical and against all my beliefs.

So I am relieved not to be part of the consumer supply-and-demand cycle that oils the wheels of the great machine of food production with animals literally being tortured both mentally and physically.

Apart from my moral beliefs, I’ve taken my vegetarian journey a step further by taking an interest in my health and changing my diet to be much more health inducing.

Just six years ago I was struggling with cold chills, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness, indigestion, bloat, weight gain and extreme tiredness.

Since then I’ve changed my lifestyle around and I’ve never felt better.

The Goal of Love Vegetarian Life

I want to help other people who may face the challenges that I’ve faced so that they can skip all the years that it took me to get back my well-being. So that they can learn from my errors and reclaim their health and happiness.

Apart from the health benefits, the taste is the reward. I’ve never felt more in love with my food than I do now. My passion is also to help anyone who wants to cook delicious meals and create yummy foods that are easy to make.

So the goal of Love Vegetarian Life is to inspire and give you the pieces of the puzzle that go into making a great meal, not to restrict you to specific measurements that you have to follow exactly.

I’m also passionate about creating your own life and following a positive path. You can change your life by living in the moment. Do what you want to do and BE what you want to be. If you share my passion for manifesting your own life and would like to check out my other site, you just have to click on the link to visit Love Positive Thinking.

If I can help you out in any way or if you’d like to connect, please get in touch. I love meeting new people.

Bon apetito!

Love Vegetarian Life

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