Gluten Free Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam

When you go to a new city and you’re a gluten free vegan, maybe travelling with people who aren’t vegetarian or vegan or gluten free, it may make it a bit complicated to find a restaurant where you can eat and enjoy.

So if you’re a gluten free vegan in Amsterdam, where should you head to?

The answer lies in doing your research before you go. So I’ve decided to share my findings with you whenever I find great gluten free vegan food.

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Last weekend I was in Amsterdam, the vegan capital of Europe apparently. I checked out two amazing restaurants that you shouldn’t miss. First, the Vegan Junk Food Bar and after that, Sla.

If you go to Amsterdam, don’t miss these! Both of these restaurants have more than one branch. I went to the Vegan Junk Food Bar in the Pijp.

Vegan Junk Food Bar

This place is a cool and trendy bar with graffiti on the walls, friendly service delicious food and a happening atmosphere. There are 3 branches in Amsterdam and I loved it.

Inside the Vegan Junk Food Bar


If the weather’s good you can eat outside but as it was raining when we went, we had a table inside. It gets pretty busy and bustles with life but we were still able to chill out for ages and spend a good long evening there.


Vegan Junk Food


While you wait for your main course you can order some olives or banana chips to nibble on but the banana chips aren’t fried on the premises, so the waitress couldn’t guarantee that they’re gluten free.

So instead we ordered the olives, the only gluten free option for nibbles, and which are served with an attractive sprinkling on top!

Dish of black olives


The menu’s absolutely huge, but be warned that not much of it’s gluten free. I didn’t mind because I’m not bothered about trying the imitation meats – I’ve never eaten meat so I don’t miss it.

But for those of you who enjoy a burger or similar, they do an original ‘beef’ burger, a double ‘beef’ burger and a chik’n burger, plus spring rolls, chik’n nachos, chik’n caeser salad, nuggets and bitterballen (dutch, ball shaped croquettes).

Remember though, while these things may be great they’re no good if you’re gluten free. It doesn’t matter though because the best dish of the whole menu is gluten free and that’s the flashy sweet potato fries!

This is what you get: sweet potato fries topped with: guacamole, carrot, red pepper, cabbage, corn, garlic sauce, pomegranate, tomato salsa, edamame beans and a flower on top.

Flashy sweet potato fries in Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam


Have you ever eaten sweet potato in such a delicious way?! For sure I’m going to re-create an easy version of this dish to create at home. And each serving comes with a different coloured flower lol.

Initially I might have been put off by the name of this place, but don’t be – there was nothing junk-food-like about my sweet potato dish.

Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam

Check out the Vegan Junk Food Bar on their website:


The next place we stopped was SLA (‘sla’ means lettuce in Dutch). This is such a cool place too. Sla is basically a salad bar, but forget your pre-conceived ideas of what salad means because Sla will give you a new experience.

You can choose from one of their recommended salads, or you can make your own. I decided to make my own, with the help of the waitress and her recommendations.

To be honest I did that because I couldn’t decide between all the delicious options! To name just a few, there’s the green protein bowl, the vegan sushi bowl,  Indian tempeh bowl, hummus & avocado bowl and too many more to mention!

So I chose to create one and here’s what I had: green leaves, spinach, sweet potato, adzuki beans, edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, tempeh & chick peas.

Salad bowl in SLA restaurant, Amsterdam


There are so many other tempting ingredients: cucumber, broccoli, roast aubergine/eggplant, roast carrot, roast pumpkin, hummus, avocado, couscous, quinoa, black rice, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and more.

My friend ordered the tofu salad (not gluten free) and as you can see below, it was equally delicious! She asked for less greens, so hers was a little bit smaller than their standard servings.

Roasted tofu & sweet chilli salad




I loved this place for the food and would go back all the time if I lived in Amsterdam. I can’t recommend it enough!

Visit the SLA website on:

Please come back and let me know how you get on. And if you have any questions or thoughts on Vegan in Amsterdam, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you!


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