Gluten Free Vegan Inland in Andalusia

Inside of Rincón de la Villa tapas bar


If you’re gluten free and vegan, it can be tricky to eat out in a normal Andalusian bar, unless you’re happy with a chopped tomato or bowl of lettuce – and if you’re lucky, some chips.  So if you come here on holiday, be sure to plan where you’re going to eat so you can have the best time possible while you’re on holiday.

You may be interested to read a post about some of the best restaurants that cater for us GF vegans on the Costa del Sol and beyond, or the post about what to order in Spain.

With this post I hope to share with you what you can eat out in the way of gluten free and vegan tapas and particularly if you’re planning to visit the area of Villanueva de la Concepción.

And if you’re not planning a trip, maybe I can entice & inspire you to come and see this beautiful area one day!

Fields of oats in Andalusia
Stunning oat fields and view in Andalusia

If you fancy taking a look at the area in more detail, I recommend you hop over to our sister site, Explore Andalusia and have a read of what you can see when you come and visit. And if you want our guidance, we can be your ‘friends abroad’ to show you all the hidden gems that you might miss as a tourist.

So, here goes for a brief overview, just enough to whet your appetite!

Rocky landscape of El Torcal national park
Beautiful landscape of El Torcal national park

Villanueva de la Concepción

Just 40 minutes inland from Malaga airport, at the foot of El Torcal national park, lies the village of Villanueva de la Concepción. The village itself is a traditional village and it’s ideally located for enjoying the most stunning scenery and visiting all the amazing places in Andalusia, like El Torcal just up the road or El Caminito del Rey.

As well at that, the scenery’s spectacular and you can go walking or go on day trips to Málaga, Granada and Córdoba easily. You can also do Seville in a day, but it’s a much bigger city so it may be worth spending the night there.

For accommodation in Villanueva de la Concepción, you can stay in our guesthouse Rincón del Torcal or rent this apartment for the duration of your stay.

And Now the Gluten Free & Vegan Tapas!

Name sign for Restaurant Rincón de la Villa
Rincón de la Villa

While you’re staying in Villanueva de la Concepción, visit Rincón de la Villa and take your pick from a variety of vegan, gluten free tapas. Order single or double ‘tapas’, or order a ‘media ración‘ for a small plateful, or ‘una ración’ for a whole plateful.

My favourite thing to do is to start off with a little bowl of olives with gherkins – just to nibble on while deciding what to order for the first tapa (even though I almost always order the same things each time lol).

So the first real tapa, after the olives, is the homemade hummus served on gluten free melba toast.

tapa of hummus on gluten free toast
Hummus tapa on gluten free ‘tosta’


After that, a small tapa of asparagus . . .

asparagus tapa
Asparagus tapa


. . . followed by a double tapas of fried green peppers also served on gluten free melba toast.

Double tapas of fried green peppers on GF Melba toast
My favourite: double tapas of fried green peppers on gluten free tostas

You can also order the artichokes, which are lightly cooked on a grill. And why not have a side of chips, media ración. The chips are cooked in a fryer which only has chips cooked in it, so perfectly safe for celiacs.

Artichoke tapa and half a portion of chips
Artichoke tapa and media ración de patatas fritas, or chips

And if you fancy a salad, a vegan salad is absolutely available too, even though it isn’t listed on the menu.

Or you could order a grilled vegetable platter (verduras a la plancha) – of course remember to say that you’re gluten intolerant or celiac so that the veggies are cooked separately.

And you can wash all this down with a delicious gluten free beer!

I love having this restaurant in our village because I’m so used to not having any options for eating out, and now all of a sudden I can go to Rincón de la Villa and enjoy the tapas along withe everyone else. Yay!

The service is excellent and the atmosphere lively. Kitchen opening hours are until about 15:30 /16:00 for lunch (depending on how busy they are), and from 20:00 till late in the evenings. So remember not to turn up at 6 p.m. hoping for some tapas – other than the olives of course.

Rincón de la Villa is closed on Monday & Tuesday.

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