Raw Shea Butter Benefits – Younger Skin in a Month?

Raw Shea Butter is amazing stuff and the long list of raw Shea Butter benefits isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Shea Butter’s not only deeply moisturising for the skin, treating dry skin, eczema, dry scalp and chapped lips, but it’s also claimed to be an effective anti-ageing treatment, being full of essential fatty acids and vitamins A & E, thus perfect for reducing wrinkles, rebuilding collagen and giving the skin a brighter, younger look.

As well as all that it’s recognised as having anti-inflammatory properties, great for treating small blemishes, grazes, cuts, rashes, sunburn and minor burns. As if that wasn’t enough it’s also reported to relieve the itch from insect bites and reduce the pain from arthritis! Oh, and not to forget it’s also a factor 6 SPF sun protection and a treatment for reducing cellulite!

So What is this Miracle Cure Called Shea Butter?

Shea butter’s the natural fat that comes from the fruit (normally referred to as a nut, but actually more related to a pit, like the pit of an avocado) of the African Shea tree or Vitellaria tree, which is indigenous to the African continent. The butter’s totally edible and has been used for centuries for its healing properties and also as a cooking oil and food ingredient in many African countries.

Once the nuts are harvested, the fat is processed by hand – to produce unrefined shea butter – or by industrial means using the addition of chemicals for producing refined shea butter.

only Buy Unrefined Raw Shea Butter

The refined shea butter loses its healing properties so it’s essential you buyraw, unrefined shea butter and in this article we’re only interested in the non-refined type. If your shea butter’s bright white, it’s most probably been commercially produced and refined using chemicals. So make sure you buy the right one and check out the quality of the brand before you buy.

Interesting facts about Shea butter

  • Shea butter’s an oil that’s solid when it’s at normal room temperature. It can be heated into a liquid but only use a low heat as a high heat will damage the raw shea butter healing benefits. I prefer to use it as it is, even if it’s a bit solid. Just use you hands to soften it and then rub it onto your skin.
  • She butter may feel like it’s leaving your skin greasy for the first moment but in actual fact it doesn’t make your skin greasy at all.
  • Shea butter doesn’t stain your clothes or your sheets so no need to worry about that.
  • Shea butter’s a natural, vegan, pure product: no chemicals, no cruelty and completely safe even when ingested.

Uses of Shea Butter

  • as a deep skin moisturiser
  • treatment for dry, chapped skin
  • soothing nappy rash
  • reducing and preventing stretch marks
  • chapped lips
  • wrinkles, crows feet
  • hair conditioner
  • mild sun protection
  • as an aftersun treatment
  • on minor burns
  • small wounds
How to Use Shea Butter 

Pure Raw Shea Butter comes in slabs or in a pot. Nothing glamorous about it at all, it’s just slabs of butter! Break the slabs into manageable chunks and rub it directly onto your skin or first onto your hands and then massage it in.

The feeling of the Shea on your skin becomes rather addictive. I mean, i actually miss it if I haven’t put it on. My skin gets thirsty for it! Really!

When you first apply the butter, it seems slightly oily but as soon as it’s been applied the skin gains an extra softness.

From what I’ve personally seen, the raw shea butter works to moisturise your skin all day long and gets rid of dry skin in just a couple of weeks, though the studies say just 3 days for reversing dry skin so maybe mine was extreme. It’s also great on your lips and for the soft skin around your eyes to stop eye wrinkles and (yes I’m repeating myself) – I love the feeling.

Actually though, I must admit, when you first apply it to your face it almost feels like you’re putting a bar of white chocolate on your skin!

How Often to Use Shea Butter

Apply the shea butter to your face, neck, hands, feet or any other area of skin that needs moisturising, twice a day, massaging it in generously.

Cut a piece of the butter and store in a small container with a lid. Either rub it onto your hand and then massage your face, or apply the butter directly to your face.

It feels a bit strange in the beginning because it’s something so different but give it a few goes and you’ll come to love the feeling of the smooth shea butter against your skin and the softness of your skin after treatment.

Shea Butter for the Skin – As Tested by Me

I’m a fan of natural, cruelty free products. The less chemical rubbish we can put on our bodies the better in my opinion. And cruelty is unacceptable so Shea Butter’s a great solution, both natural and animal friendly.Natural products

You may have guessed that I’m converted. After testing this for one month I’m convinced of the raw shea butter benefits. This is a product for me, forever.

I first heard of Shea butter when my mum happily told me she’d ordered some from Amazon and she said I could share the tub with her. Until that moment I had no idea what it was, let alone what it was used for and I was intrigued when a big tub arrived with slabs of shea butter inside. I wasn’t immediately convinced but I decided to keep an open mind.

Since then I’ve done my research and put the raw shea butter benefits to the test – by applying it twice a day. . . and it’s incredible stuff.

My First Month Using Shea Butter –  Younger Skin?

During the month I’ve been testing a few specific things. For example, several years ago I had an accident and ever since then the skin over the damaged area is dry and scarred. The dry skin left what looks like permanent marks, like water-marks over that part of my leg. It didn’t really matter to me but I was curious to see if they would go away.

appearance of Hands

Aged hand and young handMy hands have liver spots on the back of them and the skin looks aged and a bit wrinkly. I’ll be looking to see if the liver spots go away and if the skin becomes smoother.


General appearance. I want to see what effect I notice on my face.

Neck and chest

I can see vertical lines appearing on my neck/chest that are sun lines/age lines. I want them to go!


I’ve always suffered from dry feet. In the summer it used to be unbearable until I got a Dr. Scholl pedicure to keep it under control, but even so, they’re just okay, and if I don’t use my Dr. Scholl they get horrible.

They’ve always been a struggle since living in the heat of Spain.


General moisturising for my arms, shoulders, legs and feet.

And the Results So Far . . . !

damaged area from injurySuccess

The skin markings have completely gone! The skin is soft and normal just like the rest of the leg. No dry skin markings at all, so that’s 100% success!


My hands are wonderfully soft and they look smoother than before but I want to test for longer before I can say whether this is an increasing change or just a deep moisturising effect.


My face feels wonderful. I love the feel of the shea butter and I can feel my face soft all day, but I don’t know it you can actually see the result . . .

Neck and chest

The sun lines are lessened dramatically but they need longer testing to see if they’re going to go away completely . . .


My feet are the best result ever. It’ll be interesting to see what they do in the summer when I live in sandals and normally have the most foot trouble. I’m convinced I’ve found the permanent solution to dry skin on my feet.


This is the best skin treatment I’ve ever had and the only one that I can feel for a full 12 hours or even up to 24 hours after I’ve applied it. It has a different feel to commercial moisturisers and my skin is addicted.


This is the closest I’ve come to getting younger skin from applying a product. Forget all those expensive night creams that are supposed to reduce wrinkles and instead get yourself some pure Shea Butter.


Would I Go Back to a Commercial Moisturiser?

No, definitely not. Shea butter’s here to stay and even if my skin doesn’t change intNewborn baby skino a newborn baby’s skin, it’s definitely the softest I’ve ever felt before since starting out into my 40s all those years ago.

The Raw Shea Butter benefits are so obvious to me, so it’s here to stay. The long term moisturising power is better than any cream I’ve tried.

And the fact that it’s edible means you don’t have to worry about it on your hands when you prepare food and it’s also fine on your lips. The sun factor for me’s great too because I don’t use sun cream but I live in the sun so again, shea butter’s perfect.

And in the summer I’ll test out its ability to take the itch out of mosquito bites . . . and I’ll let you know.

Go and grab your Raw Shea Butter on Amazon.

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  1. This was such an informative article, thank you for sharing this information. I've been suffering from dry skin for awhile now and I'm often trying creams and such, but nothing has seemed to be enough. Thanks to your recommendations, I will be trying some pure shea butter. Love that it won't stain like coconut oil does. Thanks again!
    1. You're welcome Natalie. Dry skin clears up really well and fast - I think you'll find it much more efficient than the normal commercial creams you can get in the shops.

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