Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

This is one question I see posted over and over again. What can I eat for a vegan gluten free breakfast? Yeah, I get it, loads of you are bored and uninspired when it comes to breakfast.

But, what I don’t get is why?

Having breakfast ‘out’, I mean like when you’re out in a bar or staying at a hotel, well then yes, it’s reaaaally tedious event (or even a non-event if you’re unlucky lol). It’s area-dependant whether you’ll find something to eat or not.

If you visit a city like London for example, you might find places where they offer a full blown vegan, gluten free breakfast; but let’s be honest, they aren’t on every corner, are they? And if you visit a small traditional hamlet in southern Spain where I live, your average bar/restaurant isn’t going to offer a vegan gluten free breakfast!

Vegan cheese on gluten free rice cracker

But hey, we were talking about eating breakfast at home! So where’s the catch? If you’re at home you can eat anything you like!

I think it’s about changing your mindset.

New Mindset for a Yummy Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast

When you first take the leap or the gradual crawl into being vegan and gluten free, you may find your whole mind-map of what to eat, how to eat, maybe even when to eat, turned upside down.

That’s no problem maybe, but take a moment to think about the first meal of the day.


Breakfast, your mind tells you, should be a traditional breakfast – cereal (oops no) . . . toast (oops no again) . . . fried eggs (no-no) and so it goes on. If you don’t change your mindset, you may well end up fretting over breakfast ideas.

So I thought I’d put together a few suggestions.

Broaden your mind and open your thoughts to a non-standard-type-breakfast. You’ll find you’ll end up loving breakfast as the best meal of the day.

Vegan Gluten Free Breakfast Suggestions

#1 imaginative Fruit Salad

The most obvious of them all, the king of kings for breakfast (but not personally my favourite) is a bowl full of finely chopped, mixed fruits. Don’t forget to add some blueberries and ground flax seeds for extra yumminess and nutrition.

#2 Salad with avocado & fruit

Start the day with salad. Create a colourful variation of fruits and veggies on your plate. Layer with lettuce, lambs leaves or raw spinach, avocado, nuts, cherry tomato, cabbage, and the fruit of your choice. Pile on some slices of fruit like kaki or kiwi to finish it off, et voila!

Salad for breakfast
#3 Quinoa

Delicious! Quinoa can be mixed with anything you like and it will provide a high protein, health-packed starter to your day. If fruit isn’t your thing, try mixing the quinoa with a little cooked kale or peas . . . don’t be limited by your imagination, breakfast can be different!

4 Vegan Cheese

Take some homemade gluten free bread or rice crackers and serve with lambs leaves and homemade vegan cheese topped with cherry tomatoes.

Slice of nut cheese on homemade gluten free bread
#5 Baked Beans on GF Toast

Try a slice of homemade gluten free bread, toasted and served with the topping of your choice – baked beans or Marmite if you’re a fan!

#6 Vegan, gluten free omelette

For the best vegan Spanish omelette ever, click here to visit our new site and my all time favourite vegan Spanish omelette recipe. It would need to be made the day before as it isn’t a quick recipe. For a quicker breakfast snack, you could make a vegan gluten free omelette or pancakes made from chickpea flour.

#7 Leftovers

Yesterday’s leftovers. Not everything, but so many dinner meals can be served as leftovers for breakfast with huge yummy success. Don’t discard it without trying first!

#8 Scrambled tofu

Scramble some firm tofu with mushrooms or other vegetables and serve with baked beans. Take a look at this recipe.

#9 Your Invention!

Don’t limit your imagination or restrict your breakfasts to what you think breakfast should be! You can have the most delicious, scrumptious, yummy meal of the day first thing in the morning.

What are your favourite foods to eat for a vegan gluten free breakfast? Let me know in the comments below!

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