Vegan Gluten Free Noodles Recipe – Ready in 5 Minutes

Vegan GF noodles with stir fried vegetables


This quick vegan GF noodle recipe can be made in a matter of minutes if you do the preparation in advance. Cut the vegetables into small strips. The chopping does take quite some time but it’s the only part that does.

How to cut the vegetables ready for stir-frying


Do you already have some tasty GF noodles? If not, the first thing you need is some tasty GF noodles that you like (they aren’t all nice!). My favourite type of gluten free noodles are the red rice noodles. Explore Cuisine makes the really tasty ones from the photo.

Check out these  Red Rice Pad Thai noodles  on Amazon.
Rice noodles don’t cook the same as wheat noodles, but when you’ve made them a couple of times you’ll find they’re just fine, if not better than the standard wheat noodles.

The first time I made them they were sticky, but now I take care to drain them  at exactly the right moment, and also that there’s a little juice in with the vegetables.

When the two are mixed together they come together perfectly.

Heat a little oil in a big wok. Add crushed garlic and crushed ginger and fry. Next, the onion and a sprinkle of salt. You can also add 2 tsp of Indonesian spice if you like (very mild flavour, containing coriander, garlic, cumin…) but it isn’t essential.

Stir fry with kale


Add the chopped veg, the hardest first and stir fry. Lastly add the spinach or kale and stir some more. Kale adds a lovely bite to the finished dish but it needs a few minutes to soften down whereas spinach cooks really fast.

Taste the vegetables to check: do you like them more crunchy or more cooked? I like mine crunchy, but my husband prefers them soft so I usually put a lid on the stir fried vegetables once they’re ‘ready’ and let them soften down.

Turn up the heat again and add soy sauce and a dash of lemon juice. Mix the vegetables with the noodles and serve with this easy to make spicy peanut sauce.

Vegan GF noodles with stir fry vegetables


These are the vegetables that I used this time: 1 onion, 1 red pepper, 1/5 courgette, 1 artichoke, broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, garlic, ginger, chilli, plus 1 tin sweetcorn, 1 packet of tofu.

Make this with whatever vegetables you like, and enjoy!

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