Vegan, Gluten Free Shopping List – Essentials

So you want to go vegan and you’re already gluten free and you’re wondering empty shopping cartwhat to eat? Or you already have loads of ideas but miss certain things? This vegan, gluten free shopping list is an introduction to the products I love and really wouldn’t want to be without. These things form a staple part of my diet and I love them!

They’re not in any particular order of importance, just randomly listed.

#1 Chickpea flour

Also known as gram flour, besan or garbanzo flour. I love this stuff and I use it in my gluten free bread & flat breads, gluten free burgers, falafels, sauces and anything else that calls for flour.

#2 Cashew nuts

In the past I never liked cashew nuts! Really not, not even a little. But now they’re one of the most important items on my shopping list because I make vegan cheese with them or vegan sour cream substitute – which actually I use as a sauce for all sorts of recipes.

Basically I wouldn’t be without cashews nowadays. And remember, although they seem expensive, it you’re making vegan non-cheese with them they work out cheaper than buying normal cheese,

I buy these ones from Amazon because I can’t get them here, unsalted and raw. And at the moment, these are the best ones I’ve found for quality versus quantity.


#3 Chia seeds

Don’t miss out on chia seeds! I use them for making homemade vegan burgers, gluten free bread, as a protein boost in smoothies and sprinkled on top of food. Chia seeds can be used instead of egg as a binder, plus chia’s got a really cool nutritional  value and loads of health benefits.

#4 Quinoa

I like organic red quinoa best but I also use organic white quinoa. I love the taste of quinoa and use it for making gluten free bread, for replacing rice as an accompaniment to curry or chilli dishes and as a main ingredient in salads, like this quinoa salad. I also like eating quinoa on its own or for breakfast.

#5 Tahini

I love, love, love tahini! It’s just delicious! Use in your homemade hummus recipes, on your (gluten free) bread, on avocado, in salad dressings, as a sauce for stir fried vegetables and many more uses!

#6 Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional Yeast is a more recent addition to my kitchen but it’s become and instant favourite with me. I use it sprinkled on top of my meals and on lima beans as a snack, or on top of sliced avocado. Actually, on top of almost anything this tastes yummy. You can also use it to make vegan cheesy type sauces.

#7 Peanut butter

Peanut Butter isn’t really essential in my kitchen but just occasionally I love to make a spicy peanut sauce to go with a stir fry, gluten free noodles or Gado Gado salad, and once in a blue moon I love to eat peanut butter on gluten free bread.

#8 My Favourite Spices

There are loads of delicious spices but these few are the solid base that we couldn’t be without! Turmeric, Cumin Powder, Coriander,Black Mustard Seeds and a curry blend of your choice if you can find one you like which is gluten free.  With any spices, you’ll have to be careful & check whether they’re gluten free or not. Spices and especially spice blends, can contain gluten, so beware.

#9 pAPpadUms

So easy and great for eating with rice dishes, spicy meals, stir fries or any other time that a crispy bread would go well, pappadums are an essential occasional part of a gluten free kitchen.

#10 Coconut oil

Olive oil is my number one go-to oil but I also always have coconut oil  in the kitchen for making certain dishes and for making homemade gluten free vegan flatbreads.

Addition to the gluten free vegan shopping list:

Hellmann’s Vegan mayonnaise

This product goes by different names depending where you live, but no matter what name it had, I just love it! Be warned  the first time you taste it you might go . . . yuk! but that’s just the first reaction to a new flavour.

Now that I’ve been eating it a while, not only do I love it, but it tastes like pure mayonnaise to me. I wouldn’t change it for the traditional mayonnaise taste if you paid me! So don’t give up at the first trial.

I think you’ll love this stuff if you try it more than once!


I hope you found this vegan, gluten free shopping list helpful. Are there any important products that you buy? Leave me a comment below!

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