Why Become Vegan – One Compelling Reason

I am veganYou may well ask yourself the question: Why become vegan (or vegetarian)? More people are recognising how fast the vegan movement is growing, and many of you are wondering why.

Well, there are a myriad of reasons but for me the overriding reason is explained right here, in this post.

First Here’s a Metaphor

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you’re spying on another world, one filled with life that we consider to be less developed than we humans – so we just watch it with interest, much like you’d watch a fish tank.

So you spy on this other world and see that it’s full of living beings. Those living beings are all alive. They all breathe. They all eat, drink and have feelings and thought patterns.

The world in your hands


You recognise that there are thousands of variations of species living on that ball of a world which is their universe, their garden, their everything.

As you watch, you notice that one of the species systematically tortures the others. This species controls the other species and instead of taking care of their world-siblings, they torture the fellow living beings and trash the garden.

You watch and you wonder: why would they want to so mistreat their own siblings of their world? You’re looking in from outside, so you can see that they’re all going to die, much like the way when a ship goes down it takes everyone with it. And again you ask yourself; why are they doing this?

The person next to you hears your thought and says:

‘Because the species that’s destroying everything doesn’t realise that it is part of the whole world. The species which is torturing and killing believes itself to be untouchable.’

Jump to our world

You’re looking at history books and reading about all sorts of tortures that took place in the past, from slavery to the Spanish inquisition, the persecution of the jews, the burning of witches at the stake, to using torture to get confessions.

You read all of these horrors and give silent thanks that we don’t practise those barbarities anymore. You give thanks that you live in modern times and not in a time when you could be burnt at the stake or tortured.

And then you realise that we still torture, still practise mass genocide, just now we’ve transferred it to animals and we’ve traded our horror for acceptance of this behaviour. This unnecessary behaviour.

The Reality

Never before in the history of the world has the food industry been so deceitful, so dangerous and so profit-driven. Never have the methods of farming been so intensive and money orientated.

Cows don’t live in fields anymore. Calves don’t have mothers anymore. Mother’s don’t have calves, they just give birth and then cry for their calf who has been taken away from them.

Cow's head against sky backdrop


Meat isn’t grown in a happy animal-soul. Now we have life-factories: factories of meat-producing machines, filled with pain and horror. And yet we turn a blind eye.

These practices and many, many more, like the grinding up of live recently hatched chicks if they’re male, are not only terrible for the suffering of the animals, they’re also immoral for your conscience and damaging to your health.

As a planet we need to awaken to one truth above all: to treat each and every fellow member of our world with honour and integrity. And that includes the animals – even if they are your food source. Take a look at the industry before you feel secure in your answer. Watch the movies, read the news.

Create a New Integrity Law in the World

The integrity law would state:

”No one person, company or corporation, may willingly or otherwise inflict unnecessary suffering on, and thus damage the integrity of, another living being.”

As well as treating the animals better as a direct result of the new integrity law, companies which produce food would be under pressure to stop using disgraceful practices to produce more food at a cheaper cost.

No more poisons, antibiotics, hormones. No more pumping up the chicken with salty water to make it look bigger. No more grinding up just-hatched male chicks alive; no more deceiving the consumer.

It’s incredible that as part of a world which we share with fellow living beings, we haven’t progressed far enough to put integrity first.

What Can I Do?

If you agree that we should practise honourable methods and create the minimum amount of suffering in the world, do whatever you can to share the message. Make whatever stand you can to show that as a consumer you believe in your rights and your animals’ rights.

If that means buying your eggs from the farm instead of the supermarket, do it. If it means sourcing your food differently, do it. Posting on social media, do it. Just do whatever little thing it is that resonates with you to stop this progressive greedy mechanism which is causing pain, suffering and disease in the world.

One solution is to go vegan and show the commercial world that we will no longer accept or support cruelty.

If you haven’t seen this speech I really think you should watch it. What an excellent speaker he is. This says so much:

Brilliant Speech by Phillip Wallen

Please let me know what you think when you’ve seen this.

If you have any questions or thoughts on becoming a vegan vegetarian please leave a message below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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